Vi er et team av tantriske massasjeterapeuter og kroppsterapeuter som har som oppgave a hjelpe deg a lare mer om deg selv. Vi onsker a bringe deg inn i dypere kontakt med din seksualitet, og stotte deg i a gi slipp pa alt du ikke trenger i livet lenger, sa du kan skape det livet du onsker.

Vart fokus er pa kvaliteten av beroring, narvar og kjarlighet, som apner et rom for narhet der du kan fole deg elsket, sett og folt.

Hver og en av oss tilbyr unike behandlinger, og alle terapeutene har ulik bakgrunn og tilnarming. Vi ser frem til a mote deg og tilby var erfaring tilpasset dine behov.

Sara - available

Tantra massage as a kind of bodywork is an amazing way for me to help people to reconnect to their bodies and sexuality in a safe space.

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Marky - not available

For me tantra massage is a way to help people explore themselves,feel good in their body and to feel the power of one's sexual energy.

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Radush - not available

I am certified massage therapist with great energy and enthusiasm for tantric massages. 

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Denisa - not available

Denisa is a young, attractive and exotic massage therapist. She enjoys doing tantric massage because it is  magic space where she feels that time has stopped and she can completely relax with client.

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Paula - not available

Paula is a certified tantric massage therapist which has her own and unique way of sharing tantric experience.

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Lucia - not available

For me tantric massage is about creating special mutual conection where I can take you on sensual journey within your body. My massage is very soft, gentle, but playful, which will touch your soul. 

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Victoria - not available

Thank you for taking care of yourself by giving you an opportunity to connect, to receive conscious and loving touch, because this will definitely enhance your well-being.

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Linda - not available

For me tantra is primarily a path of love, acceptance and deep knowledge of oneself and others.

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Penny - not available

For me sharing a touch has always been something magical.  The feeling of a warm energy that expands through you when skin touches skin. 

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Aneta - not available

Tantric massage is a beautiful, sensual and deep ritual for me to help you relax. We will postpone your worries of everyday life.


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Luccy CSB - not available

I will care about you with love, looking for your secret desires.. Let me invite you into the space, where you can surrender, hold off all your worries, flow and fly or experience the long trip full of the ecstasy. At any case you will enjoy it much.

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Adalbert V.M. Shade CSB

(Available for a skype coaching)

Motto of his work: If you protect yourself from evil, how goodness can come to you? Japaneese wisdom

Adalbert is a certified  somatic sexologist, Master bodyworker and Bodyartist  with 12 years of experience with bodywork.

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