Art of Touch

Art of touch is a modern type of tantric massage, which takes you on a journey into the world of sensuality. It is a ritual play of 4 elements which opens up your body to different sensations. You will receive touch of Earth, Fire, Water and Air transmitted to you through your therapist’s hands.

This ritual invites you to enter a world of magic and sensuality, deepening your relaxation and immediately allowing you to let go of your daily life worries. You are given the opportunity to be inspired and learn about yourself and what brings you most joy and satisfaction. 

The ritual includes a sensual oil massage which brings you into deeper states of peace, joy and power.

Art of touch

is designed to not only nourish your body, but it also brings you into a state of fulfilment, because you feel loved and being taken care of.  

Art of touch re-connects the most important connection of your body, which is the union of your sexual energy to your heart.

This treatment was one of the best life experiences for many of our guests, as it opened up new perspectives and inspirations to life.

Massage coaching

One of our modalities of treatments is massage or somatic coaching.

It is inspired by work of Joseph Kramer phd and Betty Martin.


 You are being asked by therapist about needs of your body in each moment. And you need to feel into your body and express how you want to be touched. If you like soft stroke, harder one, if you want hands being place on your foots,back, hands etc, or whatever comes to you. Of course within boundaries of therapist.

This type of session support you on ability to empower yourself, to know what you want and  to be able to communicate it. We believe it is one of the most important skills in private, intimate life.


When it comes to giving, you are able to give massage back to therapist, and you are being led how to touch in a right way, how to be present in you body, connect with breath and receiver. You learn to ask receiver how to touch. In this way you learn how to be very present with yourself and partner and you can deepen your ability for empathy and connection.